Being successful often means learning from those who have already achieved their goals. Having a mentor is an amazing blessing to an entrepreneur, but not everyone can find one in person and thats why many turn have turned to The HugoInga Company for mentorship.

Part of the service we provide is giving advice and listening to your problems. Below are a list of our most common tips for young or aspiring entrepreneur to help get you started.

imagesBefore starting a company or a business you need to know your goals.  Having the end in mind every day ensures you’re working toward it. Set goals and remind yourself of them each day.

Understanding your industry is a very important aspect in being a successful entrepreneur. Don’t play games you don’t understand, even if you see lots of other people making money from them.

We encourage our entrepreneurs to deliver more than expected. It’s a great way to get noticed in your industry and build a loyal following of advocates.

Richard Brandon says his biggest motivation is to keep challenging himself. He treats life like one long university education, where he can learn more every day. You can too!

Don’t start a business because you want to own a business, start something you believe in and enjoy doing. We have seen numerous clients start a business to say well this is another company I own. Its important to do something you enjoy otherwise you will get bored of it and forget half of what you have done.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. 9/10 if you don’t believe in yourself then you won’t succeed.

images (1)Something my own mentor told me was find good people to work with. The better they are the better quality you deliver to the clients. When you do find these good people encourage them to produce the work you want. This doesn’t mean buying them coffees, breakfasts or going out every Friday night for work drinks.

Praise them for what they are doing and encourage them to continuously hit the goals you set for them.  This brings us to becoming a great leader. A good leader will just set goals and guide them a little. A great leader sets the goals, works with them to achieve the goals and celebrates when the goals have been achieved.

As you build your team, hire for character and values. You can always train someone on skills, but you can’t make someone’s values fit your company after the fact.

Being a successful entrepreneur takes a lot of work, a lot of vision and a lot of perseverance. These tips, from entrepreneurs who have already found success, will help you navigate the path much more easily. If you want to speak with a mentor simply jump onto our website and we can help you.