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What is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur can leverage to provide him or her with a competitive advantage? Knowledge, which is driven by our willingness to constantly learn, adapt and change.

We live in a very content driven world, there is no shortage of information, resources and inspiration available every day to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to be successful. Unfortunately, all of this information can get overwhelming.

I usually wake up at about 5am each morning and sit in my bed listening to pod casts and reading the news. But not aways i’ve started to open my emails and read.

I find that these newsletters have given me a new source on life and new ideas as an Entrepreneur.

This is my list of newsletters you should subscribe too.

Fred Wilson

A venture capitalist and one of the leading bloggers on technology and startups, Fred Wilson has a daily newsletter that is insightful, objective and forward thinking.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin provides nice and often short bursts of insightful and inspirational business and marketing insights.


This is a great startup newsletter that every startup entrepreneur should be reading.

Strategy and Business

A regular newsletter that both creates and curates informational business content, S&B blogs covers a wide variety of business topics, from strategy and leadership to international business to industry specific news such as energy, healthcare or technology, all of which allows you to customize the content you receive.

By no means is this list complete or static, as I am always adding and deleting new content sources.