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Making mistakes has always been something i’ve done but learning from mistakes is something I make sure I do.

While it is certainly “human to err,” when you’re leading a team, it is important to learn how to avoid some of the most common mistakes. I’ve seen in many companies I consult in that if you don’t fix these problems you are more than likely to lose the respect of your team and potentially affect productivity.

I find that there are four areas in which you can avoid:

  1. Feedback is vital when running a business. You can not be upset with someone if they don’t know what they have done wrong.  Your employees need to know what they have done wrong so that they can improve on it or so that you can teach them on how to produce better results. I personally meet with my staff on a weekly basis over a coffee just to discuss how their week is going and on how we can fix any issues they might be having. I have found that his has helped our staff learn from their mistakes.
  2. Its hard for your employees to do the work if you are not there for them. So be there for them and teach by doing. If your staff don’t see you doing what you want them to do how will they ever have any respect for you? I remember watching my father clean hotel rooms in a full suit and the faces of his employees seemed perplexed. I asked him why he was helping the cleaning staff and he simply said, if i can do it they can do it!
  3. Goals in a business are important. So explain to your staff what your goals as a business leader are and what their goals should be. Both sets of goals should come together and achieve the ultimate goal.
  4. Finally delegate! The worst thing in business is not to delegate. Don’t do all the work yourself and burn out. Share the work with your team and give them tasks in which they show strengths and not weaknesses. You will soon see that your team gels well together and achieves better results

Remember a good leader knows how to make his employees achieve goals and also shares their successes.